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FreeMax – Protect Minors, No Delay

Increasing the minimum age of sale for tobacco products to at least 21 years old will significantly reduce youth tobacco use and save thousands of lives. Therefore, it’s FreeMax’s duty to carry through the core in the whole process of business. FreeMax is committed to protecting the health of minors and we adopt concrete actions.

In response to Tobacco 21 Campaign, FreeMax specially organizes learning activities and promotes accurate implementation in all aspects of operations. All FreeMax departments plan schemes on how to avoid minors getting in touch with vape related information and vape purchasing channels. Besides, FreeMax sets clear guidelines to ensure effective implementation.

The details of FreeMax Minor Protection Plan are as below:

1.  FreeMax sets strict age verification on official website and online mall. Visitors should submit their age information if they want to browse the web and they must provide their proof of age if they want to purchase the product. Also, FreeMax recommends all online and offline retailers ask for proof of age and register personal information of purchasers. Joint efforts of FreeMax and retailers will be made to protect the minors.

2. FreeMax sets distinct anti-minor information in all marketing channels and on all marketing materials. Every picture shall be endowed with 21+ logo and warning shall be listed in every social media update. FreeMax makes product packages and user manuals according the requirements of laws and regulations. FreeMax inspection group will be set up and random check of the marketing activities and packaging will be strictly enforced .

3. FreeMax publishes advocating articles about the possible dangers of vaping for minors on both blogs and official website. Regularly released science&educational articles of FreeMax will prevent minors from vaping and lower the odds of minor vaping to some extent. If minors clearly understand the reason why it’s improper for them to vape at their age, they will not be too enthusiastic about vaping.

Above all, it’s important to create a favorable public environment of vaping and it’s FreeMax’s duty to make a difference. FreeMax has always been devoted to limiting vaping rights only to adults before Tobacco 21 Campaign, now the age limit is more precise and we will spare no effort to comply with it. Here FreeMax proposes: no vaping before minors, no propaganda without warnings, and no minor KOL on social media. Protecting the health of minors is protecting and promoting vaping industry.


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